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Green Cay Trails, Boynton Beach Florida

Green Cay trails is a free admission nature park that is not just a big plot of land, but has very maintained trails, and a pretty eclectic variety of animals within it.  This park does a lot more than it seems capable of without admission fees and I was truly grateful for that and can easily say I will be back.  

I was going into this trail with a little more experience and have just received my Neutral Density Filters and was pretty excited to try those out as well.  I prepared for this park fairly well, I knew there was going to be some good landscape opportunities, but I was taken by the amount of wildlife and people there. 

As I entered the park the first thing I saw is the welcome center where I believe they have a gift shop and such, I went on a day that it was closed but it looked pretty nice.  From here there are two trails to take which also end up branching out more later on, but as I took one path I was just trying to gather my surroundings and appreciate it and while I was doing that I saw some deadwood trees in the middle of a lake and just really wanted that shot, I took a couple shots to get my exposure correct, and as I was looking down at the camera one last time, I see a weird sort of formation of more deadwood trees that are broken up below me.  I saw an opportunity for something pretty interesting to take and there's two things to take from this.

1.) Always try to create an image that will carry the eyes through the photo, you want depth, you want to garner interest and you want to set a full scene.

2.) Move! just moving slightly can change the dynamic of a landscape and tell a completely different story.

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The first shot it feels like my use of thirds worked vertically whereas normally its horizontally, that could be worded right depending on how you interpret it and it could also already be a thing that I just dont know yet, but you know what.  It's something that I will more than likely pay attention to in the future because I feel it gives it the balance it needs from a different perspective using a similar rule set.  The second photo I had to walk a little further down to find the downed dead wood and drop down to the floor of the dock to get the perspective I wanted.  The photo came out just as I would've wanted and I was easily able to carry on.

As I carried onward through the Park there was a good variety of ducks and birds I was able to capture, but no gators like I was hoping.  The best photo I feel in my portfolio and this blog I was able to capture as I came out from under one of the canopy portions of the trail.  I looked to the right and see a Hawk flying around and it landed upon the top of a similar deadwood tree from before.  I was actually way too excited for this for some odd reason and began quickly getting my exposure right and then took a photo.  Once more I moved to work with the nature there as there was a little bit of life atop the dead tree and got the photo I was wanting to incorporate in the photo as well.

Red-Shouldered Hawk

Red-Shouldered Hawk

I was so focused on getting this shot, that once I got the shot I wanted I continued shooting with my eye in the viewfinder, as I came out of the viewfinder finally I saw 4 other photographers rushing to my spot.  It was at this time I felt I knew what I was doing, I had garnered attention from other photographers and they wanted what I had watched happen as well.  

While this Red Shouldered Hawk is one of my favorite photos I have taken, there are some other noteworthy pieces taken from that day that I will share as well!

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