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Finding beauty in an accident

Sometimes we go and take photos and if we are reviewing photos on the camera we might tend to quickly delete them to just save time on the back end.  While this is true that it will in fact save time on the back end during processing, there can be some items you rush over and don't consider to be adequate.  I'm not speaking to the shots with poor exposure, or out of focus on your object of interest with no other perspective interests, but I'm more or less speaking on the photo you take that you didn't really intend to.  It's hard for me to articulate this properly, but I'll refer to my and everyone's late friend Bob Ross and call this a case of a "Happy Little Accident".

I was out taking photos at the Flagler Museum in West Palm Beach in reference to "this post" and decided to take a different route home on the Flagler bridge which is under construction.  As I looked out to the right I was able to see a potential shot I wanted of the Downtown Area in conjunction with the inter-coastal as well, my interest was peaked and I intended on getting the shot later that week.  This would be my first real shot for a "Skyline" and I was looking to do it at night because there are lights on top of these buildings that I wanted to capture as well.

I prepared for this by establishing parking at a nearby location so I wouldnt have to travel too terribly far and got my camera setup for a night shot with decent amount of exposure, roughly 2 seconds if i remember correctly and I would use this as my starting point.  With my bags packed I set off too the bridge and there was quite a bit of people fishing off of it.  They were somewhat interested in what I was doing and asking if I was getting some good shots.  I was able to talk to them for a little bit and eventually moved onward to get a different perspective of the downtown, to which I liked MUCH more.  Once again it has been proven to MOVE! move your little feet to a new spot and get a new perspective.  I was able to come up with a photo I actually really enjoyed.

West Palm Beach Downtown, From Flagler Bridge

West Palm Beach Downtown, From Flagler Bridge

This shot came out quite well, but the reason for this post is about finding the beauty in an error.  As I relocated to the new perspective I ended up with I decided to test out the Wide Angle atop my 18-55mm and I saw that I just did not like that Lens, the regular 18-55mm has much better overall quality.  This sounds odd writing it and it was just as odd taking the photos with it, I would've kept the shots but in processing they just were not justifiable there either.  When I saw I didnt like the result on the back end of the camera I took off the lends to take some more shots with just the 18-55mm.  When I took off the lens the connector portion stayed on the 18-55mm and I snapped a photo and was taken by it.


I've always enjoyed Abstract and surrealistic art, but when I took this photo I was so close to just deleting it because it came out odd.  I had no idea at that moment why my Camera had done this, it had betrayed me and decided to stop working, but alas it was User error.  However this error I was actually entranced by, it was an exact replica of the shot I had just taken of the skyline, but only the points of interest in the lights and blurred out.  This was a complete accident, but I found it to be such a unique photo for my site that I had to keep it.  

While deleting photos in an effort to save time on the backend from sifting through a shoot is fine, sometimes we just need to slow down and take a look at the whole image we capture in that moment.