A collection of Photography Adventures, tips and tricks.

The art of the Salvage

It's not every time things go according to plan in the world of photography and there will be a plethora of lost time as you continue to take photos, this is just a hard truth.  Maybe you get to the location you had your eye on and the weather begins to act up, or random construction, or many other instances.  At this time you can begin to assess the situation and see if either the weather will clear up by checking the Radar Map, if the situation preventing the photo is going to take a long time, or if its still possible to get the shot you want from a different perspective.  

While the day may be lost on that photo you were going for, take time to actually look and engage in your surroundings.  Doing this you can make the next time you come out even better by incorporating more things to do!  Leaving your spot with a negative connotation will only do you harm for your demeanor, your photography experience and the area as a whole.  

1.) Accept that the day might not be in your favor.

2.) Look at your surroundings in that particular area and find other items of interest.

3.) Plan accordingly to incorporate more in your next shoot of the area!