A collection of Photography Adventures, tips and tricks.

Getting professional photos for yourself

Finishing up the website finally and regaining the tenacity to do all of the things I need to do again, there is a lot going on and getting photos of myself was one of those things.  There's definitely a couple ways to do this, some good, some bad.  The approach I took was to teach someone to get behind the camera and photograph me.  This way I was able to still coordinate lighting to my liking along with positioning of my body.  My thinking on this was that I needed to have the photos done with the camera I use, but I did not want to setup a Tripod because I wanted to orchestrate the shoot similar to a client, in the sense that I want to capture the little moments in between moments that are just purely genuine.  

Matt Garrity, Studio

By Orchestrating the photoshoot for yourself and teaching another person, you're already in the stages of building a nice foundation of a couple things here.

1.) Trust, in the sense that you're allowing someone to capture you at a vulnerable moment.

2.) In the event you ever need anything else done, you're teaching proper skills that align with your own and can essentially double your productivity should the need ever arise.

3.) You get to do everything as normal just like a regular shoot, just not taking the photo.  Setup is important and you'll still have full control.

4.) After you get the shots you like, have that person take some of their own shots just so they become even more comfortable.

Matt Garrity, Studio